Tameer Group is a real estate marketing company connecting buyers and sellers in a convenient way both online and via its offices. By delivering luxury lifestyles for homeowners and profitable ventures for business owners, Tameer has always exceeded its stakeholder expectations.


Mr. Khawaja Naveed Hafiz serves as the CEO and founder of the group. With over20 years of experience in sales and marketing of real estate project he is a renowned name in the industry for helping people make secure and sound investments.

Shehroze Naveed is the man behind the curtain managing everything from operations to sales. Hailing from an advertising background and over 11 years of experience in executing national level campaigns, he is the ideal person to manage the sales aspect of any real estate project. 


His vision towards Tameer is to give luxury lifestyles to people in Pakistan while being profitable at the same time. Tameer has delivered every project it promised.

World of TAMEER

Tameer Projects go through a strict appraisal procedure to ensure that buyers and investors get what they want, and more. Buyer satisfaction is the top priority with Tameer being a stakeholder through the entire sale process. With its reliable investment portfolio, it has earned a reputation of trust and reliability, which automatically translates into every project, so you can be certain you are making a safe decision for your future.

Passion for Perfection

Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy or direction and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy.

We aspire to the highest standards of ethical behavior which mean ‘doing the right thing’ for the environment in which we operate.

We consistently maintain high standards and seek to maximize value for our clients, without compromising quality, integrity, and delivery. With our perfect planning and execution, we’ve been winning clients!


Innovation is in our DNA. We approach each project with the same purpose: to bring something new, modern, and exciting to a sector that relies heavily on a traditional approach. We bring down the ordinary and build up the extraordinary. We discard the repetitive and deliver the interesting. We ignore the unoriginal and bring the innovative.


While others just pay lip service to quality, we act upon it. We follow international standards of design and each of our core functions uses top-of-the-line premium services to deliver to a high-class standard. From using the best power cables to the best cement – for us at Tameer Group quality has always been a priority!


Tameer Group has a record of delivering projects on time and before time. This is because top-class delivery is at the heart of all we do and the factor that makes us promise extra value to you. In life, timing is everything and we work around the clock to ensure projects are delivered on time, so you have complete peace of mind.

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